NHS & Clinical

We have worked in partnership with the NHS for a numbers of years and have always considered them as a most valued client.

The products we use play a significant part in creating and maintaining a hygienic environment within the health care industry, and an important part in the global fight against hospital acquired infections.

CRT Flooring Specialists Ltd are fully aware of infection control and the need to install the correct product for this environment.  We are fully trained in installing slip resistant, anti-bacterial flooring & Hygienic Wall Cladding to create a clean and sterile indoor environment.

We have already completed a number of projects for medical practices and surgeries, fitting them with a wide range of suitable safety flooring.

All work can be done out of hours where necessary, so you don’t need to worry about disruption to your normal day.  We have a dedicated team of fitters who are fully trained.
As well as contract and safety flooring we also deal with industrial carpets and matting, disabled access ramps and safety treads.

Health and safety awareness is paramount in hospitals and clinical environments.  If you have a floor that has become a hazard, it will need urgent attention to avoid anyone coming to harm.  Simply call us and we can arrange a time to assess and repair anything that maybe concerning you.