NHS & Clinical

For numerous years, we’ve collaborated closely with the NHS, regarding them as one of our most esteemed clients.

Our products play a pivotal role in fostering hygiene across the healthcare sector and are integral in the global battle against hospital-acquired infections.

At CRT Flooring Specialists Ltd, we prioritize infection control and recognize the necessity of deploying appropriate products tailored to healthcare settings. Our expertise lies in installing slip-resistant, anti-bacterial flooring, and Hygienic Wall Cladding, ensuring the creation of pristine, sterile indoor spaces.

Having successfully executed numerous projects for medical facilities, including practices and surgeries, we offer a diverse range of safety flooring solutions.

We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions, which is why we’re equipped to work outside regular hours. Our adept team of fitters is fully trained to deliver prompt and efficient service.

In addition to contract and safety flooring, our repertoire extends to industrial carpets, matting, disabled access ramps, and safety treads.

Given the paramount importance of health and safety in hospital and clinical settings, we recognize the urgency of addressing any flooring hazards. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll swiftly assess and rectify any concerns, ensuring the safety of all occupants.